Devotional care that will touch your heart

Our company name "Yokusuru" defines us: We are striving to build a society in which people enjoy a richer physical and mental well-being, a place where endless smiles are abound.

Our business intertwines osteopathy, chiropractic and cosmetic chiropractic services, with the goal of connecting you to a more fullfilling life.

We always work closely with patients so our therapeutic services are very hands on.Our team is continually striving to improve their skills everyday in order to provide the most wholesome service possible.

As a result, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from patients telling us how much better they are doing.Whether it be with a smile, or even sometimes tears, patients express their gratitude and satisfaction with our services.And vice versa, their experience and feedback inspires us further.

We want to pioneer a new business model for the osteopathy, chiropractic and cosmetic chiropractic industries while maximizing the best results for our patients along the way.

Chiropractic Services
We work hard to live up to our motto: “To improve your physical and mental well-being and brighten your world”
Over the last 25 years, we have provided our services to 480,000 people in total at our 4 clinics; Suzuki Chiro Clinic, Izumi-chuo Morito Chiro Clinic, Sendai Higashiguchi Kaede Chiro Clinic and Asuto Nagamachi Chiro Clinic.
We're continually striving to improve your physical and mental health because we want your well-being to spread joy to others.
Cosmetic Chiropractic Services
We go beyond! We not only keep your body in tip top shape, but we can also offer cosmetic chiropractic treatments to meet your further needs. If you have health problems or body confidence issues, we can help put a smile on your dial again.Our treatment will rejuvenate you from the inside, cleansing your mind, body and spirit.
All treatments are provided in private patient rooms. Consultations with our specialists are held in consultation rooms piror to treatment.
Sports Chiropractic Services
Sports Chiropractic Services
In an example situation with a patient suffering muscle stiffness, we would conduct an interview to analyse the habits that have caused the symptons. Then we would advise on stretching exercises and a training routine to work on at home in order to prevent the symptoms reocurring.
In order to maintain the patients body in prime condition, together we would build new lifestyle habits and exercises to combat symptoms reocurring.
Sports Trainer Services
We offer medical support services and sports training services to proffesional athletes.
We design dedicated training plans for teams and their athletes to enable them to achive their goals.
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Consulting services
Consulting services
Sales Consulting Services for Chiropractors & Consulting services for chiropractors aimed at improving performance for injury treatment.
Our consulting is focused on osteopathy, chiropractics and cosmetic chitopractics, and spa and beauty salon services. Our consulting services will improve your treatments and techniques for more patient satisfaction.

The skills we garnered working alongside professional athletes are being shared back with the local community.

Vegalta Sendai
Sendai 89ers

Since 2012, we have worked with the Sendai 89ers, a Sendai based pro basketball team competing in B League, supporting their training operations. We also support training operations of the Vegalta Sendai Youth Academy, a professional Sendai city soccor team.

Through our medical support and sports trainer services for professional athletes, we aim to improve our interpersonal approach and also our techniques for dealing with sports injuries onsite. Our knowledge is always shared back with the local community whether it be with our patients, customers, or local school sports teams.

Supporting the local community

Supporting the local community

When you feel great, your radiance is infectious to those around you, a phenomenon known as “the chain of happiness” and this is what we aim for.

We contribute to our local community by giving lectures and practical training at local schools and participating in an array of volunteering activities

Supporting the local community