Chiropractic Services


* All fees on this page are approximate and subject to change depending on your condition and treatments provided.

Treatment covered by health insurance

National health insurance / Social health insurance
Health insurance for Elderly, Social Support Receivers, Handicapped, Babies and Children
Cover from 0%-30% of costs (co-pay)
Traffic accident
(Vehicle liability insurance)
Workplace insurance Free

Depending on your insurance coverage, if you are eligible for exemption from co-pay then no treatment fee will be charged in most cases.
However, there are exceptional cases where a fee may be charged. Ask us when you visit or by phone for further details. We are happy to clarify any questions you may have.

1. About co-pay

  1st visit After 2nd visit After 3rd visit
Co-pay: 30% 1st visit¥700 - 1200 After 2nd visit¥250 - 700 After 3nd visit¥200 - 700
Co-pay: 10% 1st visit¥230 - 600 After 2nd visit¥90 - 360 After 3nd visit¥60 - 360

2. About Traffic accidents (Vehicle liability insurance)

  • Treatment and rehabilitation for traffic accident injuries may be fully covered by vehicle liability insurance in most cases.
  • Our treatments are integrated with other treatments you may receive at different hospitals/clinics or orthopedic surgeons. You can be referred to other medical specialists upon request.
  • We offer free consultation services by phone for treatment and rehabilitation for traffic accidents.

Treatment not covered by insurance.

We believe that a thorough understanding of your current condition is necessary for accurate treatments. Our staff will give you counseling and an examination in order to evaluate your current condition, then discuss with you the best possible treatment plan.
Our treatment commences only when you have agreed with our treatment plan. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any questions during the process.

Inner muscle phototherapy
 More about inner muscle phototherapy (Japanese only)
Pelvic alignment
 More about pelvic alignment (Japanese only)
Post-pregnancy pelvic alignment ¥3,780

* An initial fee of ¥2,000 will be charged on your first visit.

* These treatments are mainly aimed at improving chronic pains, feelings of exhaustion, body maintenance, performance tune-ups, etc, and not for acute pains such as sprains, bruises or bone dislocations. Although the treatments will NOT be covered by national health insurance, we will be happy to suggest to you the best treatment plans for your condition.