Sports Trainer Services

Working to achieve team goals together!

As sports trainer assistants, we support pro sports team trainers.
Our trainers can be your rehab experts, offering support in every which way for the quickest recovery and fastest return to the field.

Alongside team trainers, we provide medical support for players at both practice and home games.
Our trainers are well versed in stretching, taping, nutrition, and mental health care, utilizing the treatment techniques refined over our 28 years in business and 510,000 patients. With this knowledge and experience, we can design dedicated training plans for teams and their athletes to help them to realize their goals.

Jleague Vegalta SendaiYouth Academy

Professional Basketball B League
endai 89ers(Past performance)

Sports trainer achievements / Current teams
  • ● Track and field club, Shogen Junior High School
  • ● Soccer club, Yanagyu Junior High School
  • ● Nakada Football Club, Sendai
  • ● Many other junior high schools around Sendai City

Supporting athletes through the work of trainers.

Vegalta Sendai Sendai 89ers Vegalta Sendai Sendai 89ers

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Besides providing sports training for professional athletes, we can also send our trainers to junior high schools, highschools, amateur sports teams and sports events for a fee.


Since 2012, we have worked with the Sendai 89ers, a Sendai based pro basketball team competing in B League, supporting their training operations. We also support training operations of the Vegalta Sendai Youth Academy, a professional Sendai city soccor team.

Through our medical support and sports trainer services for professional athletes, we aim to improve our interpersonal approach and also our techniques for dealing with sports injuries onsite. Our knowledge is always shared back with the local community whether it be with our patients, customers, or local school sports teams.

Supporting the local community

Supporting the local community

When you feel great, your radiance is infectious to those around you, a phenomenon known as “the chain of happiness” and this is what we aim for.

We contribute to our local community by giving lectures and practical training at local schools and participating in an array of volunteering activities

Supporting the local community