online sports trainer program

Yokusuru launches online sports trainer program in cooperation with City of Shanghai employment support services

On January 8th, 2021, Yokusuru partnered with BHE Communications (Headquartered in Marumori Town, Miyagi, Japan) and Wings Sports (Headquartered in Shanghai, China) to assist with an online sports trainer program that both companies offer in Shanghai, China.

This collaboration came about after being referred by BHE Communications to Wings Sports, who run employment support services in The City of Shanghai.

Wings Sports will offer the 3 month online program mainly to people registered with Shanghai city's employment/career centres, rehabilitation and medical staff, medical equipment manufacturing employees, and PE teachers from universities or technical colleges.

Our program is designed for people involved with any kind of sport in Shanghai, especially those in coaching roles. Participants can learn effective coaching methods for youngsters, how to prevent sports injuries, how to treat injuries, and other useful knowledge. The program aims to promote healthy development of Shanghai youngsters engaged in sports.

Our Role

Our Role

Yokusuru was asked to design the sports trainer program that Wings Sports offers in a Shanghai employment skills and training program, and to also certify trainees once qualified.

Although the program will be delivered online for the time being, we expect more in-person interaction post COVID-19. Eventually we hope to invite trainees to Japan for more practical lessons or even on-the-job training. We are also planning to visit Shanghai to provide intensive training as well.
We look forward to leveraging our expertise to the achieve our goals set out above.