YOKUSURU Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of privacy and complies with industry laws and other regulations with regard to managing personal information. In order to protect the privacy and personal information of those who visit this website, we have established the 'Personal Information Protection Policy' outlined below. We have a system in place that ensures all of our managers and employees strive to manage personal information in a proper and secure manner, whilst at the same working to continually improve the system.

We use the personal information we acquire for contact, sending information and flyers, and responding to inquires.

Purposes for use of personal information shall be specified and said persons will be informed of the purposes. Appropriate technical measures shall be adopted to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, manipulation or divulgence of personal information and these measures will be continually refined.

YOKUSURU Co., Ltd. shall not provide any personal information to third parties if we do not obtain the consent of the said persons, except in the cases stipulated by law.

If we entrust the personal information management to third parties, that personal information shall be used within a rational scope of the intended purpose of use. We require contractors who manage personal information to handle it properly and in a secure fashion.

When said person requests confirmation or correction of personal information, we handle the process in an appropriate manner.

We have installed the 'Unified Thread Management' system, which protects the personal information of our customers. This system is a security system situated between the Internet and our internal network which monitors information integrity. The features of this system are described below:

  • Prevent spam and phishing emails from entering our system.
  • Prevent viruses on the Internet from entering our system.
  • Even in case that a virus does affect our internal network, it will not spread to our clients or customers.
  • Blocks access to websites related to porn, drugs, gambling, or any other inappropriate content.
  • Protect our information in our local environment from physical attacks
  • Automatically protects against access to malicious websites such as hacking or money transfer scam sites